【Review】Vegetable Soup – Review By Eric Frazier, Jazz Journalist

Vegetable Soup
This track is a stream of open, free and soft music that is highly congruent with soft moments or times of reflection and thought. Nori’s guitar provides the motif with timely musical dialog and wonderful incremental notes. Ayumi provides the backdrop which keeps the flow of the music and provides the mood for a special place in time.

Personnel: Nori Kikuta-Guitar, Ayumi Ueda – Crystal Bowl

Why Worry So
Here Josh Antonucci performs a soft and soothing song that is in perfect sync with what sounds like a muted trumpet that is adeptly accompanied by Ayako, Adam, Miho, and Takuma. It is evident that this group is committed to the full extent of their artistry because the music is so tight and cohesive. Great job!

Personnel: Josh Antonucci-vocal, Ayako Higuchi-piano, Adam Tressler – Guitar, Miho Song-bass, Takuma Anzai-drums

This track offers a plethora of new, creative and hip beats that invites you to dance! Brendon and Nori combine to let you know that they have all cylinders on go
and are ready, willing and able to take the party on the road!

Personnel: Beats: Brendan Landis, Nori Kikuta

Summer provides listeners with a change of pace Jazz style swing that is reminiscent of classic swing tunes. It is melodic, danceable and smooth. An intriguing tenor solo by Ryoichi Yamaki lets you know that you are there! You are then spoiled by the very tasty guitar solo of leader Nori Kikuta, followed by the wonderful bass solo of Alex Smith. Ryo Noritake on drums lays down a mesmerizing 3⁄4 beat that Jazz buffs just love. The track fades out with the beautiful piano riffs of Ayako Higuchi. This is a track you never want to end! It is a splendid rendition of the epitome of summer through the eyes of a gifted and talented musician. Look out for Nori Kikuta! This is a release you will want to savor!

Personnel: Ryoichi Yamaki-sax, Nori Kikuta-guitar, Alex smith-bass, Ryo Noritake-drums

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03. August 2018 by Norihiro Kikuta
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